Monday, December 16, 2013

lorde's royals and the people's revolt

For some reason I find the minor controversy over Lord's song, "Royals" and whether it is racist or not really intriguing. I'm especially interested in seeing how different artists of color have engaged with the song through covers and remixes, with varying degrees of creative and political sophistication. (There are even a few white artists who add new levels of appropriation in the mix as well). Feministing: Wow, that Lorde song Royals is racist Feministing: A little more on Lorde, Royals, and Racism The Guardian: Lorde's song Royals deserves nuanced critique XXL: Five Best Rapper Remixes of Lorde’s “Royals” ROYALS REMIX LORDE FT VA DRIVE from IN FOCUS on Vimeo (Ghetto from my head to my toe cover) by Vamsi ft. Ace

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sondjata said...

You should do what I did many years ago and turn off Feministing. Nothing and I mean nothing of value over there.